Filmed over 15 months, this gripping one-hour documentary offers an unfiltered look at what it’s like to be a healthcare worker in the grips of the Covid-19 pandemic. It follows the staff of a hospital from the moment they admit their first Covid-19 patient in June 2020, till after the third wave.

Gripping and emotional – at parts intense, yet also hopeful – what makes Zero to Zero especially stand out is that it’s filmed by a healthcare worker with unprecedented access to the hospital frontline. This story narrates what unfolded during the darkest moments of the Covid peaks where no cameras were allowed.

It deals with patients during life and death situations, but the focus remains on the indomitable strength of the human spirit.

The unequalled footage from ICU and beyond tells a story of despair and hope. It humanizes the frontline workers, showing the world a glimpse of what they have had to face.

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About Legacy Hill Productions

Created by three individuals who combine their individual creative strengths to narrate passionate stories that weave true life documentaries together with powerful storytelling. Legacy Hill Productions (LHP) was founded by Leonie Scholtz, Christa Lategan and Shem Compion in 2020. Emboldened by the Covid-19 pandemic, they set out to tell stories that could not otherwise be told.


As a team, LHP is a turnkey production company that can mobilise swiftly and effectively into action. Its strengths are its legacy of 30 years in the film industry via Christa Lategan, Shem Compion’s logistical excellence, derived from planning film shoots across Africa over 15 years and Leonie Scholtz’ remarkable camera work. The team is agile in nature yet strong in its experience.


It was these attributes that contributed to it creating and producing Zero to Zero -the acclaimed documentary on the plight of the healthcare workers during the pandemic.


When working with LHP, you will encounter a professionalism that comes from over 30 year’s experience in the film industry. This means you are guaranteed accurate information, deep insight, and relevant answers to your enquiry. LHP offers a full production service, meaning all aspects of a production are taken care of. This turnkey solution allows you to focus on your strengths, while we focus on ours.


Currently LHP focuses on the medical and travel sectors.

Directors and Producers

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